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Book Review: No Sacrifice by Grace R. Duncan

No Sacrifice - Grace R. Duncan

 So, this book was long. At almost 500 pages on my Nook, it's probably the longest one I've read in a while. But it needed to be that long, for the most part. It needed to delve deeply into the issues that both Patrick and Chance were facing, and it needed to give them time and space to figure out just who they were.


Patrick is a married father of a three year old boy, and a successful actor on a television series. His wife is also an actress and thus they are never together in the same location for very long. When Patrick finds himself reacting to his male co-star, he tries to bury those feelings, reminding himself that he's married. And straight. 


Except, he might not be entirely straight. When he meets Chance Dillon at a bar, he spills his confusion to the stranger and begins to understand that there's more to the sexual attraction spectrum than gay and straight. 


Chance happens to be one of the technician on the series set, and thus the two men cross paths again and again. A slow friendship develops between them, that grows into more over time.


I liked how the author explored the multiple themes at play here, from the late realization of bisexuality to ending a marriage, to coming out to your parents later in life (including their struggles to accept you this way), to building a new relationship with someone who identifies as gay and knows you aren't (including the fears that can bring) - it's all here, and those themes are fully and nicely explored. Which is why this book needed to be this long.


The writing is wonderful. Descriptive, emotional, in the moment, though on occasion getting a little more into telling rather than showing, but I enjoyed this book from start to finish, fully invested in the characters and their happy ending.


This is my first book by this author, but it won't be my last. Well done, Grace.


** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. **