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ARC Review: The One I Choose by D.H. Starr

The One I Choose - D.H. Starr

I wanted to like this book, really, I did. I like books about established characters, I like reading about their lives together and the challenges they face. And to be honest, I did like the actual story - a couple, together for three years, starting over in a new city, with one of them working hard and lots of hours to build his partner a restaurant - the blurb drew me in, and I was looking forward to reading this.


Then I read this. If you saw my updates on Goodreads, I stopped updating at about 15% in, and then just kept reading to get to the end. And while the story was good, and it was interesting to watch the insecurities, the worries, the good and the bad in an established relationship, there isn't much good about the writing. 

"Citrus-scented heaven filtered into my nose as satiny foam rolled down my back and legs."

That's an actual quote from the book. No, this isn't supposed to be some Harlequin romance in which the heroine waxes endlessly about her man. This also isn't the only example in which I had to question what on earth I was reading. Do men talk like that? This guy is a building contractor, a hard-working man who gets his hands dirty every day, and he's talking about citrus-scented heaven and satiny foam? 


Doug Starr, I'm sorry. I'm sorry this book didn't work for me. The purple language, the whiny MC, the first person POV - none of it worked in your favor.That's not to say that it can't work for someone else. This just wasn't for me. 


** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **