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ARC Review: First Time For Everything (anthology)

First Time for Everything - John  Goode, Allison Wonderland, Emery C. Walters, Andrea Speed, S.R. Silcox, Caitlin Ricci, Eric Renner, Jo Ramsey, Emily Moreton, Nicole McCormick, Ella Lyons, Renee Hirsch, Nick Hasse, Charli Green, Kevay Gray, Eric Gober, S.A. Garcia, J. Leigh Bailey

A wonderful collection of shorts about young LGBTQ men and women, who experience a first in some way, be it a first kiss or a first date or a first relationship. It's about finding yourself, being who you are and realizing your potential.

Some hit me harder than others, some ranged around three stars and some were outstanding, but all were carefully crafted to bring across a specific point, a lesson learned, or a moment that meant everything. 

Some that stood out for me were Dear Cody by Eric Renner, Midnight in the Maze by J. Leigh Bailey, the super cute Just Right by John Goode, Kissing Scars by Jo Ramsey - these hit me the hardest.

I remember feeling inadequate as a teenager (and still do sometimes even in my middle age), and I can only imagine that it's not any easier for kids today, especially not when you throw in that some of them don't feel like their peers, that they fear coming out, that they feel different. 

Some of the stories touched on harder subjects, like rejection and pain, and some made me laugh and smile because they were super cute. The biggest point the book makes though is that teenagers, no matter their sexuality or their gender, are really much the same across the board - insecure to some degree, wanting to belong, wanting to meet that first special someone, dealing with school and pack mentalities, dealing with bullies and having friends at their backs - and thus this is a book that is suitable for all teenagers, including the het ones, that they may learn that their not-so-het peers are really no different at all.

Well worth the time spent. Give this a try.


** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, Harmony Ink Press. A positive review was not promised in return. **