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Book Review: Somebody to Love by Merry Farmer

Somebody to Love (Montana Romance) - Merry Farmer

This was a solid three star read. The pacing of the novel was well done, especially toward the end where the edge of my seat climax was worth waiting for, and the writing flowed easily. 

Somebody To Love is the story about the romance of Phin(eas) Bell and Elliott Tucker, infused with a bit of mystery and suspense. It's an easy read, apparently well-researched and seemingly indicative of the time period, specifically as far as the relationship between the two men is concerned.

While I came to care about Phin, who seemed a nicely, unassuming and kind man, I couldn't care so much about Elliott. He grew on me at the end, but I wasn't fond of his deception and assumptions, and his jealousy didn't suit him well at all, especially considering that he instigated that which he then came to hate. Meh.

From what I understand, this is book 6 in a series, but required no knowledge or background on the previous books, as all required information was seamlessly integrated into the story without feeling like info-dump. 

I loved that Phin had some backbone, and that his meekness and kindheartedness didn't mean that he was weak. He cared a great deal about his 'niece' and the people in his town, but was deathly afraid that someone would find out his secret, even though the people close to him knew that he wasn't a 'normal' man. 

I did like that Elliott pulled his head out of his a$$ at the end, and understood that the charade had to continue to some extent. 

How many men lived their lives as "confirmed bachelors" but were secretly in love and in a relationship with their "roommate"? And how happy am I that we no longer live in a time, at least in this country, where good people have to hide whom they love? 

As my first exposure to this author, this was a success. Nicely done, Ms. Farmer. 

** I received a free copy of this book from the author's publicist. A positive review was not promised in return. **