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ARC Review: Rainbow Blues by K.C. Burn

Rainbow Blues - K.C. Burn

YAY, a novel with men who are not young whippersnappers, but older, in their forties.


Luke Jordan is 43, divorced with an adult son, having come out much later than most. He works construction, is not out at his job, but yearns for friendship and companionship with men of his own age and sexuality. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to go about finding these men, so he languishes alone and lonely until his son Zach signs him up for Rainbow Blues, a local group that meets once a month, where Luke can find like-minded guys.


And Luke not only finds a great friend, but also meets Jimmy Alexander, a teacher and amateur actor, and falls hard. The two begin a romantic relationship, and despite their differences are well suited to each other.


This book was cruising for 4 stars until Luke does a stupid thing that pissed me off, and hurt Jimmy unnecessarily. And that's my hang-up, so don't take my word for it. I'm just so over this trope that seeing it used here made me mad. In all honesty, it does fit the character of Luke to a T to see him do what he does, so I can't really fault the author for writing him that way. 


The writing was lovely, with nice flow and believable dialogue, the characters well fleshed out and realistic. This is a true late bloomer romance that didn't need explicit sexy times to be superbly satisfying.


Give this a try. 


** I received a free copy from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **