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Book Review: Finding Home by Leighton Rose

Finding Home - Leighton Rose

Few things make me as ragey as parents disowning their children for who they happen to love, or who they are attracted to. Few things make me as ragey as parents not giving their children the unconditional love they are owed.


So, when I opened this book and started reading about Dillon getting on a Greyhound bus the minute he gets his high school diploma, for reason of his asshole stepfather, I was pissed beyond measure and crying for this poor boy, whose entire childhood is marked by neglect, malnourishment and lack of love. I raged helplessly and impotently, and I cried hot tears, knowing that Dillon's fictional story is not so fictional at all for many, many children all over this country. 


But then Dillon gets off the bus in Omaha, and while he protects his heart as best as he knows how, he's not immune against Adam's charm and determination. Even though he tries.


The author did a fabulous job bringing across the pain and fear both Dillon and Adam experienced, even if their stories are not the same. I liked how Dillon keeps himself inside his protective shell, never having learned how to open up, and how Adam keeps trying to get inside this lonely boy's heart, how persistent and stubborn he is.


I really liked the writing in this book, and I was fully immersed in the story from the start. I loved the grandmother who becomes a grandma to Dillon as much as she is Adam's, and I loved the easy flow of the novel from beginning to end. 


As a side note, I don't usually pay much attention to covers, and they don't determine whether I'll read a book or not, but in the case of this book, it was unfortunate that it landed in my lap around the same time as another book with the same two young men on the cover. While this one only shows partial faces, it's still the same stock photo, and that startled me for a moment. 


Anyway, this was definitely worth my time, and it's worth yours as well. Give it a try. 


** I received a free copy of this book from the author. A positive review was not promised in return. **