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ARC Review: Technically Dating by Jena Wade

Technically Dating - Jena Wade

Cute, sweet, fluffy short about a nerdy, Wolverine-loving IT guy, who straightens his curls and wears eye-liner to clubs to be more desirable, meeting a hot, sexy guy at a bar near the hotel where he's staying for a convention/meeting. Hot, sexy guy and IT guy get interrupted before having sexy times, but fear not - hot, sexy guy is the concierge at the hotel where IT guy is staying. 


Confronted with the fact that the Techie wearing the Wolverine tie is the same as the hottie that got away, Westley (the concierge) gives Bruce (the nerdy hottie) another chance.


Living in two different cities is not conducive to dating, but they manage, with Bruce making the trip a few times to spend time with Westley, smexy times included.


This was cute. I liked both MCs and they were well suited to each other. What I didn't like is the bogus misunderstanding/misconception because Bruce assumes something he shouldn't have, and the fact that Bruce didn't see himself clearly. Still, happily, they sort it out quickly.


Nice writing, great flow, organic dialogue and fairly realistic in its execution. A quick read, this is a book perfect for a summer afternoon swinging in the backyard hammock.


** I received a free ARC from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **