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ARC Review: Testament To Love by Ariel Tachna

Testament to Love - Ariel Tachna

This was a sweet M/M romance, if slightly formulaic in its execution. Considering this is a short, the author included a good amount of background story woven nicely into the narration and dialogue without ever smacking of info-dumping, but the overall plot suffered from *gasp* too much time spent between the sheets, and not enough on the developing relationship between the angel Emmanuel and the human, Cameron, he's been sent to help return to the Faith. 


There are religious themes throughout, however the author manages to include them without ever getting preachy, and I loved the overall message that love, beyond all else, is what matters most to the Supreme Being. 


The author has an easy-flowing writing style that makes for a pleasurable reading experience, and still manages to be though-evoking with the messages within. 


A quick read, this is a great book to devour while sitting in the shade of a big tree, sipping a drink. 


** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **