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ARC Review: For A Price by Hallie Burton

For a Price - Hallie Burton

This was an okay read for the most part. I liked the blurb enough to request the ARC, and the author painted a well-rounded picture of a teenager whose entire life is turned upside down when his father leaves, and his mother is forced to move from their affluent neighborhood to a rundown part of town. What didn't gel for me is that his mother was receiving neither alimony nor child support, and that there wasn't any kind of legal fight to get money for her children. 


I thought that the author did a good job describing the perspective of Trey in the circumstances in which he finds himself, without making him sound like a whiny entitled brat. He seemed like a genuinely nice kid, whose only real fear was being labeled gay, even though he is. 


I liked Bobby Cruz well enough too - kid from the wrong side of the tracks whose bravado and grandeur is mostly for show but keeps the riff-raff away from him. Openly gay, and unafraid, he befriends Trey in a way that seems at once reluctant and genuine. 


Where the author failed to stay authentic is in the dialogue - for me, it felt inorganic and forced, the banter not funny but stilted instead. While it felt realistic as far as the relationship is concerned, I am possibly too far removed from this generation to ascertain if this is how they would really talk. 


Still, a good effort, and a book that should resonate with the younger crowd, if only to show them that money isn't everything, and that material possessions can't buy you love. Trey and Bobby both learn some lessons in this book, and for those alone, it's worth reading. 


** I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **