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Book Review: By The River by Katey Hawthorne

By The River - Katey Hawthorne

Not quite four stars due to the abrupt ending that left the story slightly unfinished. I liked the relationship between Adam and Leith, their easy banter and even though it smacked of insta-love, I believed the romance between them.


TJ as Adam's younger brother was a good secondary character, even if he only had one major scene. He brought a voice of reason to the table and gave his brother something to think about.


I felt like Adam grew into himself in this novella, and for once experienced real love - the one where you love someone so much that you just want them to be happy, no matter what it might cost you.


And I very much enjoyed Leith's character - eager to learn, wistful, and more or less dancing to the beat of his very own drummer. He had a supernatural quality about him, something ethereal that drew me in from the start, much like Adam was drawn to him. Like a siren song, perhaps, though muted to an extent.


The writing was beautiful in some places and too purple in others, but overall well done. A better editor might have suggested the removal of the 'impossibly' - one of my pet peeves.


At only 70 pages on my Nook, this was a quick read, something to take with you to the beach on a hot Summer day to devour while the wind is in your hair and the sound of crashing waves in your ear. Fitting, too.


** I received a free copy of this book from the author. A positive review was not promised in return. **