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ARC Review: Taking A Chance by Anne Brooke

Taking A Chance - Anne Brooke

Short story that was quite well done and didn't need to be any longer to work. I didn't like the portrayal of David, the Dom - he seemed a little hesistant - but that might be bc of how they meet and considering it's their first scene. 


This book needs a proofreader as some words were missing and some punctuation wasn't in the right spots or not applied where it should have been. I also have to wonder about David being listed as Alan in the blurb - was this a last minute name change? If so, someone needs to update the blurb. 


For 30 pages on my Nook, there was a good amount of characterization, some insights into Benjamin's thoughts, and a nicely done sex scene. I anticipated the ending to some extent, with David not being as gullible as Benjamin thought. I liked the last couple of pages quite a bit, and smiled when closing the file. I think David will have his hands full with his new sub. 


It's certainly not a romance in the traditional sense. I did like the sensible portrayal and explanations of BDSM, though I questioned the sanity of Benjamin going home with David in David's car, and no means of his own transportation. I suppose a lot of one-night stands happen that way, without any thought to safety, and I guess it's perhaps different when  you're a guy. 


Anyway...not a bad short. Nice enough to make me want to read more by this author. 


I received a free ARC from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return.