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Book Review: Fourth and Long by Chris Scully

Fourth and Long - Chris Scully

This was a good short, though it got a wee bit confusing for a bit, and could have used a little more toward the end. 


Our MC is attending his 20 year HS reunion. Single, in a dead end job, he still hasn't come to terms with a huge mistake he made his senior year, and the far reaching consequences of that mistake.


In this short story, Chris Scully tackles a fantasy that all of us surely entertained at one time or another - to be able to go back in time and fix something that had a huge impact on our lives, to change that one thing that affected our futures. 


It helps that Eric knows what happens, even if he can't quite so easily figure out what he has to do differently to affect the outcome. I liked that his character learned something from the experience. My only wish is that the ending would have been a bit clearer and perhaps a little longer. Also, I would have liked for it to be different. I would have liked for it to end with Eric not single but in a long term relationship with Jake. 


And while it was sweet, I was hoping for more. 


The writing was quite good, and Eric was given a good amount of development, even if the villains were flat and one-dimensional. It's tricky to deliver fully fleshed out characters in a short, and this book was no exception. Still, I enjoyed reading this, although not as much as I enjoyed Inseparable and When Adam Kissed Me. 


I received a free ARC from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return.