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ARC Review: Serenading Stanley by John Inman

Serenading Stanley - John Inman

One of the funniest books I've read in a while, super-fluffy and cute. I giggled out loud numerous times, and the dry, witty humor, combined with the humanizing of body parts (gosh, what a treat that was), pot-laced brownies and the effects, plus a whole gaggle of brilliant characters made this a super awesome read.


It was slightly over the top, but whatever, I didn't care. You hear that? I. Did. Not. Care!!


The brilliance of it is in the humor, in the dry wit this author put to the page, and it was exactly what I needed at the time. 


First we meet Stanley, 22, moving out of his mama's house/clutches after finishing college and before beginning grad school. He is looking for a place of his own and thus lands at the Belladonna Arms where a sign is advertising a vacancy. 


Arthur, the building super/owner, who dresses in drag, is overweight and smokes cigars and will faint due to exhaustion, but has a heart of gold and is like a father figure to the tenants (well, if your daddy wore a taffeta dress and a red-haired wig and bright-red lipstick, without having waxed his back or chest), and he was sooo lovable. Neurotic, at least a bit, but lovable.


Despite the empty apartment being on the sixth floor, Stanley signs the lease and moves in. 


Enter Roger Jane, male nurse and immediately dubbed a God by Stanley due to his good looks and yummy physique, who lives in the apartment right below Stanley's and begins to pursue the shy young man that caught his eye, come hell or high water. Neither a klepto neighbor (Charlie), a masseur who gives special massages (Chichi), a beauty school student (Ramon) nor a few others who all play a huge role in the developing romance and provide many of the humorous moments that are sprinkled throughout, will prevent Roger from getting his man. 


And Stanley, slowly but surely, learns to trust Roger and believe that he's worthy of being loved by this fine specimen of a man. 


Yeah, it's totally over the top. Whatever, I say. I giggled and laughed and snorted and snickered and wanted to smack Stanley more than once, but I was fully invested in all of these extraordinary characters from the start. 


Witty, snarky writing, one-line zingers followed up with some deeply moving scene or thought - this book was close to perfection.


I closed the file on my Nook while still laughing and avoiding the funny looks my husband was giving me. 


So, all of you run to get this book. Totally worth it. 


And please, please - someone pick this up and turn it into a sitcom or a rom-com. This is the kind of thing I'd gladly watch on the big screen!


I received a free ARC from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return.