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I like romance and boys loving boys in my books. 

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Forever. I Promise.

Forever. I Promise. - Lily Grace A sweet, but not fluffy story about two boys growing up as best friends, who realize that their connection goes beyond friendship. Outed shortly after they figure out their feelings for each other during senior year, they are faced with bullies, hate and cold-hearted parents. Neither Zack's mom nor Patrick's parents will ever be eligible for parent of the year award, and I wanted to choke the ever-loving crap out of all three of them for most of this story. Bigoted, hateful, close-minded assholes don't deserve to have children. Love them unconditionally, support your kids in what makes them happy, give them a good foundation upon which to build their own lives - that's your fucking job. All three of them failed spectacularly, and deserved to lose their sons. Fuckwads. Rarely does a story make me so angry as the ones that depict bigoted assholish parents. Like homosexuality is a choice. Or a disease. UGH! Free from the M/M Romance group's Love Has No Boundaries 2013 challenge. My thanks to the author.