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Book Review: A Very Wilde Christmas by Sam Burns

A Very Wilde Christmas (Wilde Love) - Sam Burns

This book cannot be read as a standalone. If you haven't read the 4 books in this series, this will spoil things for you, so don't do that.

4 short stories comprise this Christmas book, and we get to visit with all 4 couples. 


Possible spoilers below...







Alex and Liam are spending Christmas with Alex's mother, and Alex is a bit nervous about it. Luckily, Liam provides the perfect thing for Alex to focus on, so Liam and Alex's mother can bond. Super cute and funny. 

Keegan is babysitting Brigit's young son and considering whether something is missing from his life with Jon. Also, whether their long engagement should end and whether the time is right for getting married. Jon is totally on board with that line of thought, and ready to go as soon as Keegan gives the word. Married at New Year's? Sign him up! 

Jake and Brian are spending the holidays in Iowa, where it's rather cold, something Brian is not too fond of, while Jake teases him about it. I loved the gifts they got for each other - each was a reminder of how they started, and of what they've built. 

Owen and Mickey are blissfully happy, though Owen still struggles a little with what he's built after his father's death. While helping make dinner for the LGBTQ+ shelter he created in his father's house, Owen gets a surprise he didn't see coming. 

I adored this. I had a great time catching up with these couples for the holidays and experience their happy ever afters in that setting. Each couple is unique, though they are all connected in some way, and the author did a fine job reminding me of how well these couples are suited to each other within their respective relationships. Loved this.

** The author sent me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. **