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ARC Review: The Real Thing by B.G. Thomas

The Real Thing - B.G. Thomas

I read the 2nd edition of this book.

This was a little too short for my taste at only about 40 pages.

Bryan Mills has a thing for older men who are also cowboys. He likes to dress up as a cowboy too, thinking that looking the part might get him an in with the kind of man he desires.

So while he's out pretending to be a cowboy, he meets an actual, take-charge cowboy. Curtis Hansen is everything Bryan wants in a man, and they spend a hot night together.

Bryan is head over heels for Curtis, but also realizes that he may have given gave the wrong impression with how he dressed and presented himself.

The rest of the book basically deals with Bryan trying to figure out how to set the record straight and keep his cowboy despite his misrepresentations, and waiting for his cowboy to call him again.

Unfortunately, the book is too short to really delve deeply enough into the developing relationship. I felt as if Bryan was glamorizing and almost fetishizing Curtis, who deserved better than that. I also had a hard time believing there was an actual spark between the two men, because Bryan misrepresented himself for a while and deceived Curtis, and while Bryan does come clean, the whole thing left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I felt too much insta-love and awe from Bryan versus a strong emotional connection.

The writing is typical B.G. Thomas - a little breathless, but descriptive without being flowery, and as always evoking specific emotions. I do adore this rather unique writing style, and it's something I tend to look for in his books.

I liked this book well enough - it just didn't bowl me over, and that was due to lack of length and depth. This author's strength lies in writing the longer books, the ones that take their time to develop the relationship and the characters.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **