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ARC Review: Just Like Cats And Dogs by B.A. Tortuga

Just Like Cats and Dogs (Sanctuary Book 1) - BA Tortuga

It took me a bit of time to warm up to this story, because it felt a little disjointed at the beginning, but then it sucked me right in and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

Sam, a feline shifter, was adopted as an orphan by a large family of wolf shifters who are part of an even larger pack. Being a cat, he never really fit in with the wolves, even though his mother tried hard to make him feel welcome. As soon as he could, Sam left the pack and struck out on his own.

Gus, a wolf shifter from the same pack, someone who bullied and tormented Sam when they were younger, can't quite believe it when he runs into Sam again by chance and feels a mating pull toward the cat.

Both Gus and Sam, as well as the rest of the pack, are rather animalistic even as humans, and I really liked that part of this mythology. They growl, they snap, they bite, they play; Sam thinks about tuna a lot (I mean A LOT), which was funny, and Gus was enamored with mostly raw meat and sweet stuff, especially chocolate in all forms.

They both realized early on that they were mates, even if that caused friction because of their different shifter species. Both of them eventually decide that the mating pull is more important and just go for it.

I giggled a lot, especially at the nicknames they have for each other - Puss and Pup. Hard to explain unless you read this book, and then I won't have to explain. I liked how Gus instinctively realized what Sam needed, and how he was hellbent on getting his Puss everything he wanted, even if that came at a cost to himself.

There are obviously struggles, what with the family dynamics for both of them, but they stick together and make it work. And there are some more sinister forces at work too that they have to overcome. Sorry, no spoilers here. You'll just have to read this book yourself.

I had some niggles though. I can excuse the lack of condom use bc they're shifters and thus immune to human diseases, though I would have liked to see it discussed at least. Sam's 17 siblings - only one of them really stood up for him, with the others treating him more like an outcast. Even his sister Helena, though initially on his side, struck out for me eventually. I had some confusion with some of the situations at Sam's loft in NYC, which I can't discuss without giving away a plot point, unfortunately.

Overall, this was a good and engaging story (once I got past the early parts), and I'm interested in checking out the next one in this series when it's available.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **