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Book Review: Faking It (Metropolis #1) by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack

Faking It - Devon McCormack, Riley Hart

This was a fun romp. I enjoyed reading it, even if the characters are a bit of a stereotype, what with the washboard abs, the massive dicks (except for the bad guy; his dick is reportedly on the smaller side), the super-toned bods, and the fact that nearly everyone in this mostly fictional condo building just north of downtown Atlanta is gay and most of them fuck indiscriminately but safely. Wheeeee, they're young, they're hung, and they're having a good time.

There is lots and lots of steamy sexy times in this book too, and it would be very easy to dismiss it as just another stereotypical erotic romance BUT the two main characters actually do struggle to make sense of their lives and themselves. They do have feelings, they feel hurt and pain and grief, joy and happiness and heartbreak, and while they don't always make the best choices, they do try to get it right.

What begins as a fake relationship with hot sex turns into much more, even if there are roadblocks and fears. If you can look past the first person present tense and superficial descriptions of the hot bods all around, there is actually a sweet romance within.

I enjoyed it. YMMV.