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ARC Review: Three Hearts by Grace R. Duncan

Three Hearts - Grace R. Duncan

Cover Reveal tomorrow, 2/4/17, on My Fiction Nook!!



The blurb tells you the gist of what you'll find within so I won't bore you with a repeat of that. I will however tell you that there is much more to this story than what you find hinted at in the blurb. I will also tell you that the female wolf mentioned doesn't play as big a role as the blurb might hint, but she is the catalyst for... well, you read this for yourself.

This book was a blast to read. I adored Liam Scott, and I adored Mason Hayes. I loved their bond, their relationship, I loved how well they worked together, I loved how they were both kind and thoughtful and so, so in love with each other, even if Liam doesn't believe it and Mason is afraid to say it.

The mythology used here was also rather interesting - Mpreg obviously, but giving the Omega wolf an actual uterus - and the author did a great job, IMHO, of weaving the various aspects of her specific mythology seamlessly into the narrative and dialogue without making it sound like info dump.

There were moments when I giggled, there were moments that made me go 'awww', and there were moments when I wanted to reach into the book and knock both of these men over the head so they'd finally just bloody talk about what was bothering them.

Also, lots and lots of sexy, steamy times. Because, wolves. And knotting. Knotting! And pheromones, and an Omega wolf in heat, and mating bonds, and family times, and misunderstandings, and realizations, and love, so much love.

I didn't want to stop reading until I had reached the final page. The epilogue, set 8 years after the main part of the book, was super cute too. I enjoyed watching Liam and Mason with their pups, and also appreciated the family tree image at the end. By then, it was really clear how much Liam had grown into himself, how his view of himself had changed, because of Mason's love for him, how he was an equal partner in their relationship despite the discrepancy in incomes, and how supremely happy and fulfilled they were.

This was a nearly perfect Mpreg wolf shifter novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute I spent reading. I couldn't ask for more.

Well done, Grace, well done!

** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. **