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Release Day Review: Extrasensual Perception by Rayna Vause

Extrasensual Perception (Dreamspun Desires Book 26) - Rayna Vause We first meet Christopher Vincent as he's having a prescient nightmare - someone is being shot and falls into water, then gets tangled in a net and apparently drowns, someone we assume to be Chris himself. As does Chris. I was immediately riveted to the pages. What a strong opening, what a way to capture the reader's attention from the start. Well done. Chris is taking care of his mother after she had a stroke, but money is running out, and he's having to close up her psychic reading business. Yes, Chris' mother has visions too, and she does readings as well. Chris' friend Angelica is opening a new club and offers him a job to perform readings for club guest. Reluctant, Chris agrees since he needs the money. And also because his mother has a vision that pertains to Angelica and insists that he go see her, which leads to the job offer. Angelica's brother, Jack Whitman, co-owner of the club and a businessman, is extremely skeptical of Chris' abilities and doesn't believe in this "hocus-pocus". But then they meet (again) and sparks fly. This is an action-packed, fast-paced story, with a good amount of steam, a lovely romance, and a whodunit. I was glued to the pages until the very end, unable to put this down for any length of time, until I had finished it. There is someone watching the club, someone plotting evil deeds. I adored both MCs - they were very different in personalities, but meshed so well together, and I fully believed their romance. Of course, this book is OTT as expected, but I think that's part of the charm the Dreamspun Desires titles bring to the table. The Whodunit was fairly easy to figure out for me, though possibly not for every reader, but I don't necessarily think that the reader wasn't supposed to know ahead of time. The characters obviously didn't, because they labored under a false assumption, and while I don't truly believe that Jack would be so careless as to not at least inquire about the status of this particular person, I assumed that he was a little preoccupied with keeping his sister and Chris safe. Chris has visions along the way, but they're either not completely clear or come to him right before something happens, and he feels guilty that he's not able to accurately predict when something will happen or prevent bad things from happening. I liked that Jack and Chris weren't strangers, and we get a believable back story explaining why their strong attraction took so long to come to fruition. I wouldn't classify this as a second-chance-at-love romance, but as one that happens when it's supposed to happen, when both of the men are in a position to actually explore the feelings between them. Even if the romance develops quickly, it was believable because the attraction had been there from the time they first met. This was an excellent read, and a perfect addition to this series. My first book by this author was a resounding success. Well done! ** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **