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ARC Review: Lunchtime Nibbles by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Lunchtime Nibbles: Cheese and Pickle; The Detonator - Claire Davis, Al Stewart

Lunchtime Nibbles is exactly that - two stories short enough to be read on your lunch break.

The first one, Cheese and Pickles, tells us about two men who for about year take a lunch together once a week, a lunch where eating food isn't the most important part of their shared time. It's part office romance and part hot sexy times and part awkwardness and part miscommunication.

Harvey works for a non-profit, eager to do the best he can, but noticing that his co-workers don't seem to care as much. He's got a standing lunch date (every Tuesday, y'all) with his group leader Greg, during which they consume cheese and pickles sandwiches and each other's - well, you know. They eat in the car, they get hot and heavy in the car, and then they talk about work in the car. They don't talk much outside of this, and Harvey doesn't quite know where he stands. He's in love, truly, madly, deeply, but doesn't know much about Greg at all, and this is making him wonder if Greg sees him as just a distraction of sorts.

Until that one Tuesday where Greg doesn't show up for work. And Harvey freaks out. He freaks out so bad that he insists on driving to Greg's place and then... well, you read this for yourself.

I will say that this is how you write a short story with fully realized characters, and I'm in awe of these two authors for their craft. The way Harvey is written, his eagerness to impress Greg, his self-doubts, the care he takes dressing on Tuesday mornings, the sadness and confusion that comes through in his thoughts - you can't help but feel for him, can't help but want to hug him and tell him it will all be okay. And yet, there's strength in him too, conviction that something is terribly wrong, and he doesn't hesitate to follow that conviction all the way through, despite of how that makes him look.

And though we only really meet Greg seen through Harvey's eyes, he too felt complete, even if Harvey misunderstood and couldn't see what was right there in front of him all that time.


In The Detonatar, which I read first, because Tork and Adam, we see Adam being his usual self. Which is to say, completely out of his depth, because he's trying to make Tork's upcoming birthday the best ever, and he's freaking out because he has no idea what to buy for Tork. Aftershave seems a great choice, but which one?

Having settled on one called The Detonator *snorts*, he also buys penis-shaped balloons and bakes a cake, and forgets a crucial ingredient, but it's all still perfect because Tork loves him. This short glimpse into their lives after The Invasion of Adam also gives us the one thing many readers have been waiting for. What is it? Well, you read this and find out. Totally worth the wait.

Whaddaya mean, you don't know Tork and Adam?

Read The Invasion of Tork (Tork and Adam, #1) by Claire Davis and The Invasion of Adam (Tork and Adam, #2) by Claire Davis. Do it. Do it now.

Seriously, folks, these two authors are utterly brilliant in what they write together, and you should read everything they've written, ever.

** I received a free copy of this book from one of its authors. A positive review was not promised in return. **