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ARC Review: Catching Heir by Julia Talbot

Catching Heir (Dreamspun Desires Book 23) - Julia Talbot

This was super sweet, especially concerning the relationship, which was never in danger throughout the book. None of this "big, huge misunderstanding", none of the "I'm questioning this relationship" - which was, honestly, exactly what I was looking for when reading this.


Matt Nathanson has been the manager of the Treeline Estates (a hotel in the mountains) since he got out of college. Over the years, he formed a very close relationship with the elderly owner, to whom he looked up and saw as a father figure. When the owner dies, his will has a provision that Matt will inherit the hotel if the owner's grandson doesn't show up within a certain time period.


Two days before the clause is met, Cullen Patrick, said grandson, is informed that the hotel is his, with the provision that its current manager, Matt, cannot ever be fired. Cullen is a world-famous snowboarder, and he's not quite ready to give that up to run a hotel.


And thus the two meet. Matt is upset at having lost his chance to become owner, Cullen is confounded as what to do with a hotel, and they're obviously at odds. At first.

Attraction is mutual, and pretty much instant, but the two men are very different, and have very different lives.


The book gives a lot of space to the running of the hotel, with its ups and downs, and also spends a lot of time talking about people eating. Cullen especially seems to have a liking for food, while Matt is usually much too busy to think about eating.


There's a great supporting cast in the other hotel employees, who are all very loyal to Matt and pretty much adore him.


Matt thinks about leaving and trying to start over elsewhere, but Cullen doesn't want that. He wants Matt to stay and help him turn some of the land into a snowboarder's paradise, plus bring the hotel into the 21st century, meaning make it more appealing to the younger folks. 


I liked both MCs here. Matt was understandably disappointed to be nudged out by a reluctant heir, considering how much time he has invested into the hotel's success, and how close he was to inheriting it, and while he struggles for a bit to come to terms with it, he eventually deals. Cullen first came across as someone who didn't care much about anything other than his snowboarding, but then showed that he wasn't a bad guy at all, just a good guy trying to make the best of a bad situation. He seemed genuinely interested in the continued success of the hotel, but also tried to suggest  improvements. Carefully. He didn't want to offend, but also didn't want to just sit back.

And considering that both of them felt immediate attraction, there was an added incentive for them to work things out. 


A sweet and cute romance, with very little drama, little on-page sexy time, and almost angst-free, this was a perfect addition to this series, HEA included.


** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **