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ARC Review: Freckles by Amy Lane

Freckles - Amy Lane

Sweet and utterly adorable novel about a lonely nice guy attorney who hates his job and his unethical boss and the vet tech who convinces him that a Carter Embree, put-upon-attorney, deserves a Sandy Carrigan, vet tech and dog whisperer extraordinaire.


Seriously, this was super cute. Carter's dull life is thrown into disarray when a shopping trip to the corner store makes him the new owner of a tiny, flea-riddled dog. Carter is no dummy and immediately takes the tiny puppy to the next PetsMart where he encounters Sandy, the vet tech.


Initially, Sandy thinks Carter is a bit off his rocker, but he's intrigued nonetheless by the frazzled, unprepared-for-dog-ownership man, who doesn't seem to care that the tiny dog he's holding to his chest is full of fleas.


And thus the story unfolds as Carter and Sandy get closer, because Carter is a somewhat frequent visitor at the PetsMart, what with tiny dog, who's been christened Freckles, being allergic to soap, and because of walks in the park, and because Carter just might be the one who will be there for Sandy and believe in him. And, while doing so, become someone he himself can be proud of, including growing a backbone and tell off his miserable boss.


Amy Lane really does Christmas stories ever so well. There's almost zero angst here, and so much romance and sweetness, but without being cloying and marshmallowy. I so enjoyed reading this shortish tale (I say short because the pages just flew by), and while there's not a lot of action between the sheets, there is a lot of cuddling and romantic moments, and fun times with dog ownership.





** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher via Netgalley. A positive review was not promised in return. **