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ARC Review: Romancing The Wrong Twin by Clare London

Romancing the Wrong Twin (Dreamspun Desires Book 21) - Clare London

Deliciously OTT (suspend your disbelief) shenanigans when one twin stands in for the other one, who happens to be a famous model, while pseudo-dating a gruff mountain climber for publicity and funding.


Dominic, the mountain man, is a mountain of a man, with lots of hair all over, which appeals quite a bit to Aidan, the non-famous twin, who's a struggling playwright doing his brother a huge favor.


Posing as Zeb Z., Aidan goes on one reluctant date that then turns into more dates, and slowly but surely falls for the mountain man. Dominic, so wary of the celebrity model, finds that Aidan (Zeb) is much deeper than expected, and slowly but surely falls as well.


Except then the funding comes through, and Dominic sets out to climb the Eiger, and Aidan thinks he's been dismissed and their budding romance is over.


I really loved reading this book. It has the fake relationship trope, which is so well done here, and also uses the twin factor to score extra points. Lots of dry humor and snark in this book as well, which really appeals to me, and some funny moments when Aidan has to do things Zeb would do, and feels completely out of his depth. Zeb and Aidan were very different people, but also very supportive of each other. Aidan wanted to make it on his own, and refused his brother's offers of money, which made me like him more. And Dominic is, while gruff on the outside, starting to show a softer side when he's with Aidan, something he doesn't let many people see. He's a grinchy Grinch, but his heart grows three sizes in this book. His long-suffering PA and her assistant don't know what to do with a Dominic who smiles and laughs.


There's also a bit of a side plot that might turn into another book, what with Zeb and his agent, but we'll see if the author goes that route.


Seriously, this was a ton of fun, but it also had its quiet and somewhat angsty moments. There's a scene toward the end, when Dominic sees something that sets him off, which then sets in motion a sequence of events leading to the happily ever after. Like I said in one of my updates - oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive. But they get their happy ending, because this is a romance after all.

The writing is fabulous, and the story flows without any lulls or time jumps. The book was over before I knew it, and I was kind of sad that it ended.


An excellent addition to the Dreamspun Desires series. This book is well worth your time.


** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **