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ARC Review: The Misadventures Of Doc And Dirk Vol 3 by Dan Skinner

The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Volume III - Dan Skinner, Tina Adamski

This isn't as funny as the first two, though it still has Dirkisms all over the place, but in this installment, Dan primarily tells us about the cat ears Dirk wears, and his quest to find out why he wears them. The reason, as told by Dirk's mother Rebecca, is utterly charming and so sweet, and it made me love Dirk so much more. He reminds me a bit of my own son, who's only eight (almost nine, Mom!). He too thinks in a different universe, and I can only hope he grows to be such a fine young man as Dirk.

Dan, if he's reading this review, you must tell me if he blushed. :)

This is non-fiction, and gives us adoring fans glimpses not only into Dan's life with Dirk in it, but also about Dan who is, despite being super private, letting us see the real person behind the gorgeous photos he takes that we've enjoyed for so many years.

Seriously, this series is fabulous. Read it!

** I received a free advanced copy of this book. A positive review was not promised in return. **