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Release Day ARC Review: Ben And Shiloh (Belladonna Arms #4) by John Inman

Ben and Shiloh (The Belladonna Arms Book 4) - John Inman

The 4th book in the Belladonna Arms series delivers. It delivers high on snark and sarcasm, plentiful with Arthur and his fabulous get-ups, and even includes a bit of a mystery.

I giggled so much and so often and laughed out so loud that I woke up my snoring husband. He didn't appreciate it, and demanded an explanation. I tried. Oh how I tried, but I was laughing so much trying to read him that passage, I couldn't quite get it out.

Shiloh Smart is looking for a place to live after a failed relationship. He's decided he's done with love, so he's not interested in finding someone new. Also, the snark is strong with him. Shiloh's inner thoughts were oftentimes the catalyst for my giggle-snorts. He works as a waiter in a restaurant where his uniform consists of a kilt and all that comes with it.

Arthur's nephew Ben Moss also moves into the building, right next to Shiloh. Right into the apartment that Barney occupied and from which he romanced Ramon in the last book. You know... the one with the connecting door in the closet.

Ben takes one look at kilt-clad Shiloh and begins his pursuit. He's also looking for a wad of cash that someone who decades ago lived at the Belladonna Arms stole from his employer and hid somewhere, most likely within the building.

This book was so much fun to read! Full of zingy one-liners, full of comedy, full of Arthur being larger than life, and full of love pollen. Because you know, if you move into the Belladonna Arms, you cannot help being pollinated.

Love blooms between Shiloh and Ben, even though Shiloh tries his hardest to resist - resistance is as expected completely futile. Ben is in hot pursuit, and Shiloh eventually surrenders. Romance is in the air. And in the bedroom, hahaha.

I figured out about halfway or so where the money was hidden. I don't think John Inman necessarily intended to keep it a big secret from his readers - I thought it was pretty obvious, considering the hints we'd been given thus far. But if you don't figure it out while reading, don't feel bad. The fun is in the chase, yeah?

Seriously, get this book. Read all of this series. While this book can be read as a standalone, I don't recommend doing so. Reading them all, in order, is best.

I hope the next book will feature Arthur's wedding (can you imagine what that'll look like???), and we need to find out about Lester and Dan, especially about the time they spend in the shed together. For reasons.

Please get right on that, John.

This was fantastic. Highly recommended if you like romantic comedy with much emphasis on the comedy part.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A review was not promised in return. **