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ARC Review: A Matchless Man by Ariel Tachna

A Matchless Man (Dreamspun Desires Book 19) - Ariel Tachna

While I liked the writing in this book, and the characters the authors created, especially Akshat, Navashen's younger brother, the romance part didn't work as well for me.

Navashen returns to Lexington, where he grew up with his parents and younger brother in rather poor circumstances, after sixteen years of college and medical school and becoming a fine doctor and having secured a great position in a local hospital. Upon his return, he seeks out an old schoolmate/rival to help him find a home big enough to accommodate not only Akshat, whom he wants to move in with him, but possibly also their elderly parents.

Brent, the old schoolmate, is now a realtor and only too happy to help Navashen find his first house, as well as play matchmaker to find the guy a, well, guy.

I liked the story arc, and as I said before, the characters were all well done, and I enjoyed reading this book. The only thing that left me somewhat cold was the romance between Navashen and Brent. It just didn't feel organic enough for me, and didn't actually come about until more than 80% of the book was already done.

I appreciated the cultural differences of Navashen's family and thought that they were well done here - the author clearly knows her stuff. Navashen's mother clucking around Akshat, and using his disability as a reason to keep him tied to her, not letting him grow into his own person, was as frustrating for me as it was for Navashen and Akshat. And I really like that Akshat really grew under Navashen's guidance, and found a niche for himself, found something that he enjoyed doing, and became so much stronger for it.

This really wasn't so much a romance as it was a story of family ties and how specific change affected them. The relationship between Navashen and his brother really carried this book for me. It was sweet and supportive, and Akshat became Navashen's greatest supporter when things with his mother's plans to find a nice Indian girl come to a head.

The entire book is told from Navashen's POV, and while the differences between him and Brent are very clear, they also meshed well in their personalities. Though I think this book would have worked better for me if we had been given a view into Brent's mind. When the two men begin dating, it felt too passionless for me from Navashen's POV only, as if he was settling for Brent after trying out other options, instead of seeing this man as being his perfect match. I expected a passionate and grand romance between these men, but that's not what I got, sadly.

Well, can't win them all, I guess. Of course, YMMV.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **