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ARC Review: David, Renewed by Diana Copland

David, Renewed - Diana Copland

This was fabulous, y'all. I hope you've already ordered it.

Seriously, though, this book is near perfect, with a fantastic cast, two utterly lovable MCs, great moms, a snarky assistant who needs his own book, and a tender and oh-so-sweet romance.

The plot is fairly straight-forward:

After breaking up with an abusive boyfriend, David Snyder, who works as an Interior Designer, is looking for a new place to live and on impulse buys a house he falls in love with. The abusive ex has kept everything, including the condo David pays for, all the furnishings, and even the Keurig.

Soon after closing on the house, David regrets not insisting on a home inspection when the house he fell for turns out to be more like a money pit. Interior Design hasn't prepared him for leaking roofs, bad electrical wiring, bad plumbing, and a myriad of other issues.

David's mom hands him a business card for a handyman. Jackson Henry is nothing like what David expected.

Cue massive UST. The attraction is immediate, but of course David is still licking his wounds, and while Jackson is interested, he's also working for the guy, so nothing much happens other than glances and errand thoughts. So while Jackson fixes up David's house, the mating dance begins.

There is very little drama in this book as far as the relationship between the two men is concerned. As their dance continues, they fall more and more, and their relationship is exactly what one would expect - full of mutual respect, comfort, and helping each other. When Jackson's mom is hospitalized, David is right there, lending a hand, keeping Jackson propped up. And Jackson does the same for David.

Jackson has a bunch of awesome friends, who also become David's friends, and David has a fabulous assistant, who needs his own book. This being set in a small town, there's also some homophobia inside, not within Jackson's inner circle, but from people living in the town, who'd rather not hire someone who's gay. Because, you know, gay cooties could rub off. Morons.

The only real drama is with Jackson's siblings (for whom I had no use, and I wish Jackson wouldn't either), and David's ex, Trevor, asshole first class. The latter was perhaps slightly OTT, but whatever. This is me not caring about that, because it helped to really show how well David and Jackson fit together.

This novel is by design low steam and slow burn, but I appreciated that more than I would have appreciated David and Jackson falling into bed together at first sight. When they do finally get it on, they burn up the sheets. Their emotional connection translated into some really hot passion, and oh my... yeah, that was awesome.

Wonderfully engaging writing style, with fantastic dialogue, excellent pacing, some comic relief - this was as close to perfect as possible.

I very much enjoyed reading this, and while this may have been my first book by this author, it won't be my last. And I'm definitely hoping that there will be a sequel to this one. Soon.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **