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ARC Review: Commitment Ranch by B.A. Tortuga

Commitment Ranch (Dreamspun Desires Book 18) - BA Tortuga

This book is a Dreamspun Desires title, but also the first of a new series from this author, which is set on and around the Leaning N ranch. It's also what a nice, lovely, sweet romance should be, even if the steam factor is low. Which, truthfully, should not be a reason for you to skip this book.

Ford is a environmental lawyer with two law offices and no serious relationship. He's avoided his uncle and the Leaning N ranch for many years, ever since his ex-boyfriend Stoney got himself a job at the ranch and then apparently ditched him for his cousin to get a piece of the ranch.

I say apparently, because that's what Ford thinks happened.

When his uncle's health isn't so good anymore, Ford is summoned to the ranch and handed his share of the place, a slight majority over Stoney.

Meeting Stoney again isn't good for Ford's heart, and their shared history isn't good for either's peace of mind.

Stoney is still pissed that Ford left him without so much as a by your leave, and he's focused on keeping the ranch afloat and raising his kid Quartz, a young boy whose mother, Ford's cousin, died a few years back.

This book deliciously explores the lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, and while fists may fly at first, a searing kiss behind the barn shows both men that their passion and love for each other may not be as dead as they proclaim it to be. Truths come out, and youthful assumptions are proven to be false. And Ford realizes he was an idiot.

This title isn't as OTT as many others in this harlequin-reminiscent series, even if there's a climactic high point that is the catalyst for their eventual truth dumps and subsequent HEA. Because, come on now, you knew there'd be one of those, right?

The writing is gorgeous, and the author does a fantastic job with narrative and dialogue both. I was glued to the pages for the duration, what with the adorable kid, and the fabulous vegan cook, who really, really, really needs his own book, and two men who despite proclaiming their dislike for each other, and having a bunch of hang-ups that keep them apart, are perfect for each other.


** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **