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ARC Review: Take Two by Shira Anthony

Take Two - Shira Anthony

4.5 stars for this lovely, romantic second-chance-at-love novel by the ever so fabulous Shira Anthony.

First off, I adore second chance at love stories, especially when there's a bit of animosity to begin with.

Wesley Coolidge is a History professor with extensive knowledge of pirates. When he's hired to be a consultant on a new pirate movie, he doesn't realize that the lead actor of the movie is none other than his soon-to-be ex-husband Sander Carson, aka Sam Carr.

Sam/Sander has finagled Wesley being hired for the movie, which is being shot on Bald Head Island, therefore mostly cut off from the mainland, except for the daily ferry runs, and plans to win back Wesley's affection after realizing he himself is mostly to blame for the demise of their marriage and relationship. Miscommunication and taking Wesley for granted, while Sam was running off chasing his Hollywood dreams, all contributed to the end of their marriage.

Wesley has no interest in rekindling the flames, having filed for divorce and moved on to a new boyfriend. Sort of. Sam still gets under his skin, but he remains firm in not wanting to start anything again, and seems to basically use his new BF as a shield.

Until he can't, for reasons you'll find out when you read this fantastic book.

Sam makes no excuses for wanting Wesley, and pulls out all the stops to win him, even when he's advised to not make grand gestures, but fails epically at first.

There's a bit of a subplot with the movie director and the assistant, and I actually quite liked the juxtaposition of that developing romance against Sam and Wesley's reunification.

The author's exquisite writing style and beautifully written descriptions of the island and its surroundings painted a complete picture, and I couldn't help but read and read and read until the climactic high-point and subsequent happy ending.

This book won't rate high on the steam scale, and if that's all you're looking for, you might be disappointed. There are really only a couple of bedroom scenes, though the book isn't about what happens between the sheets but about two men, who are still in love with each other finding their way not back, but to a new, better version of their marriage. There is still much hurt and pain, especially on Wesley's side, and it takes time for him and Sam to work through those issues. Both Wesley and Sam have lessons to learn, and I would say that it's Sam who grows most in this book. I may even venture to say that he matures in front of the reader's eyes, especially when he finally realizes that it's not about what he wants but about the man he loves, and giving him what he needs, and actually listening to what he's saying.

A sweet second-chance romance set against a beautiful backdrop, this book will sweep you off your feet. Highly recommended.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **