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Book Review: The Invasion Of Adam by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

The Invasion of Adam - Claire  Davis, Al  Stewart

The magical love story of Tork and Adam continues in this second book. Now in a relationship, Tork and Adam still have their individual moments of panic, but instead of running from each other, they tend to run toward each other, talk about things, communicate honestly, help each other through the moments of angst and crisis.

The writing is beautiful, and the voices of the two authors mesh ever so wonderfully in this book as well.

What I loved most about this book is how Tork and Adam give each other strength. As much as Adam gives Tork confidence to rebuild his life, helps him get off the streets into an apartment, looking into taking college classes, and even reaching out to his family again, so does Tork help Adam find his way as well. They fully support one another, and that's what their relationship is all about.

Even when Tork falls back into old habits and hides, Adam is not deterred and just knows where to find him. When Adam doesn't know how to move forward, when he fails his classes, Tork shows him that he has choices, that he doesn't have to feel stuck, and then encourages and helps with salvaging Adam's relationship with his parents.

Their commitment to each other throughout this book, despite individual setbacks, despite their ongoing struggles, is what makes this such a beautiful read. I believed in them, I feared with them, I rejoiced with them. Heck, I even laughed with them. Both Tork and Adam have such unique personalities, and while they are opposites in many ways, they just fit so well together.

The only niggle I had, and it's probably a minor one, is that around 40% Tork thinks about a horrid experience, which is then never mentioned again. That what he's hinting at in his mind made me hold my breath for a moment, and I was hoping, to some extent, that this would be discussed at some point in the book. It wasn't, and I wasn't quite on board with that. Perhaps the authors will cover this in a continuation of the story they have crafted here.

Still a 4.5 star read, rounded up bc Goodreads.

** I purchased this book for myself. **