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Book Review: With The Band by L.A. Witt

With the Band - L.A. Witt

Dissenting opinion ahead...

So, this didn't work for me on a few levels. For starters, I didn't entirely buy that the relationship was a love match. It seemed to be mostly lust, and I couldn't quite follow at what point Bastian and Aaron fell in love. Their bedroom antics were hot, smoking, sure, but their relationship seemed to be based on mostly that, and while they may be young now, that sort of chemistry will eventually sizzle, so something else needs to be in place to bind them.

Secondly, the drama. While I got the need to keep the relationship secret, what with the rule of "don't date within the band" and the pressure of performing most every night, and their big chance on the horizon, I thought that there was a bunch of fabricated drama, including the BIG ONE toward the end that could have been avoided, if the other band members weren't so hell-bent on being right and actually gave both Bastian and Aaron a chance to plead their case, and then maybe, just maybe, put the brain they have to good use. Because ultimately, the other band members caused the drama and the angst for most of this book.

And, Todd - outing your brother, and with a comment like that? That's really, really low. Fuck you.

Also, I resented the characterization of Denise. Her only purpose was to be shrill and annoying and evil, and she didn't have one single redeeming quality. She felt entirely one-dimensional. Add to that that she's the catalyst of the BIG ONE drama. The way the band members talked about her, while perhaps in line with her portrayal, was also off-putting.

Certain themes were picked up, like Aaron's parents being homophobic, but then not resolved. The manager, Rob - seriously, what kind of manager was he? He ordered Aaron and Bastian to "fix it", but didn't have the smarts to realize that Aaron and Bastian, while the catalyst, weren't the root cause for the discord and tension within the band.

And I can't believe I say this, but there was probably too much sex in this book, and that's actually my biggest hang-up. It felt as if 50% of the book were sex scenes or leading-up-to-sex scenes, and I eventually starting skimming them. Not that they were super repetitive, and not that I didn't think they were hot because this author surely delivers on that, but it became too much, and seemed to be filler, instead of addressing the real issues in this book - two MCs who feel they have to sneak around because of an unwritten rule, even after they confess their love for each other, and three other band members who needed to pull their heads out of their asses. Yeah, yeah, when you date within the band and then break up, it could break up the band too. But, and that's my hang-up, I was pissed off with Todd and Andre, and Elena too, that they wouldn't even LISTEN for one damn minute about what Aaron and Bastian had to say. They expected them to end the relationship, and eventually, with their crappy attitude, caused Bastian to buckle under the pressure.

I liked Aaron and Bastian, and I liked the fiery chemistry they had, even though I have concerns that this will take them to a HEA. They did communicate honestly, for the most part, so maybe there's hope for them after all.

Yeah, this book didn't work for me as well as I had hoped based on the blurb. I don't regret reading it, though, so that counts for something.

I own a copy of this book that I purchased for myself.