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Book Review: Puppy Love by J.R. Barten

Puppy Love - J.R. Barten

Jack hasn't had much luck with relationships, so he's recently adopted a dog named Angus, whom he adores. He's a bit taken aback when someone at the dog park accuses Angus of getting her dog pregnant. Jack's a good guy and thus offers to help with any cost and such.

This brings him to Sean who's fostering the female dog that Angus impregnated.

Jack has some self-confidence issues, likely brought on by the ex-boyfriend, but Sean has no such trouble and starts pursuing Jack.

I liked the characters, and the plot, in this novella. The writing was fine for the most part, even though the dialogue felt a bit stilted on occasion. The romance happens rather quickly, which is expected for how short the story is, but what bothered me is that Jack threw out his convictions too quickly for my taste. The "when you know, you know" didn't really work for me here.

The dogs were fun, and seeing both Jack and Sean be good doggie parents was also a positive.

I didn't like Sean's sister (the one who accuses Angus). The other sister was nice enough, I suppose, though we don't find out much about them in the book due to its shortness.

Overall a sweet story that didn't take me long to read. Enjoyable, for sure.

** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. **