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ARC Review: Ace In The Hole by Ava Drake

Ace in the Hole (Dreamspun Desires Book 13) - Ava Drake

What a ride!! What a fabulous ride Ava Drake took me on in this book, first in a new series, but also part of the Dreamspun Desires titles.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this book, even if most of the plot was deliciously OTT, and the characters, other than the MCs, just a wee bit cardboard. Look, I go into the stories in the Dreamspun Desires titles the same way I would approach a Harlequin novel - with expectations of a grandiose romance set against a backdrop of the rich and famous, and taking off my realism glasses completely.

That's how they're meant to be enjoyed, you know.

What the author delivered here though was outstanding - smoking hot romance, tons and tons of sizzling chemistry between Christian and Stone, an interesting plot set against politics and bodyguards, a cheating scoundrel US Senator who runs off with his latest mistress, and did I mention the fabulous romance? Stone and Christian don't just melt the sheets in the bedroom, no, they also make a fantastic team.

Christian is a wee bit high strung, in parts because of his family history and in parts because of his job as senior aide to the above-mentioned cheater. He seems always just one disaster away from losing his mind, but he was kind and awesome with Stone. Super-organized, as one would expect from a political aide, he has a hard time giving up control - except in the bedroom, when Stone bends him this way and that. *fans self*

Stone is the newly hired bodyguard for the above-mentioned cheater. He immediately dislikes his new employer and tries to hide his strong interest in the Senator's aide. Though not for long. Their attraction is mutual, and it's not long before they get it on. He might be a bit rough on the outside, but he tries to do the right thing always, and he has no problem with Christian telling him what to do, outside of the bedroom. He's very supportive of Christian throughout the book, and tries to do what he can to make his life easier.

Thrown together when the Senator runs off with the mistress right before he's supposed to appear at a bunch of fundraisers, Christian plots to use Stone as a double for the Senator - they look alike, even if Stone is younger.

This book is fast-paced, highly engaging, and I had a hard time putting it down until the ending. The mystery of who's threatening the Senator was well done, and I like the intrigue that was woven throughout.

A fantastic addition to this series.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **