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ARC Review: Finding Family by Connie Bailey (Dreamspun Desires)

Finding Family (Dreamspun Desires Book 11) - Connie Bailey

While this surely reads as a grand romance/suspense/thriller/family story, I had a bunch of niggles with this.

I'll start with those:

- Jonathan, the manny/virgin/orphan, who was just too perfect. Sweet, kind, loving, great with the kids, loyal, smart - there wasn't a single flaw to him, and while that may have worked for me in my younger years, it no longer does. While I surely liked him, his perfection was almost a turn-off.

- Charles, the millionaire/uncle/employer, who hires Jonathan to look after his nieces and nephew, three young kids he 'inherited' along with his clothing empire. Charles is a bit too busy running his business and dallying with his boyfriend, and also doesn't understand children, so he foists them off to the manny. I disliked him so hard initially that he had a hard time gaining my approval later in the book.

It was sticky sweet romance mixed with well done action and suspense, and while I had my niggles, it worked for the most part. I enjoyed reading about Jonathan's time with the kids, and I enjoyed watching him and Charles fall in love. A bit fast on Charles' part, perhaps, but whatever, that was expected. This is Dreamspun Desires, after all, and ooey-gooey HEA is mandatory.

The mystery/suspense/what's happening was much better done, IMHO, and I had the wrong suspect for most of the book. I was actually surprised that the person whom I suspected wasn't the one who'd 'done it', and that was well done, indeed, by this author.

So the action and suspense parts of this story worked better overall, at least for me, than the romance, and the various side notes with Jonathan's basket-weaving hobby, and Charles' somewhat snobby and slightly creepy PA, and the kids being kids, for the most part, were contributing most of the charm to this book. Nice title, too, because in the end, it's all about finding (and making) your own family.

So, I liked it. I enjoyed it. And my niggles are mine, so don't let that deter you from giving this book a try.

Overall, I wouldn't call this book not worth your effort - I enjoyed reading it, and it had some funny, giggly moments.

** I received a free copy from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **