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ARC Review: Short Stay by Heidi Cullinan (Love Lessons 3.5)

Short Stay (Love Lessons Book 4) - Heidi Cullinan

In this book, the Love Lessons universe meets the Special Delivery universe, and we get to catch up with old friends, while watching Baz and Elijah fumble their way through the pitfalls of their happily ever after.

Amid the flashing lights of Las Vegas, with the help from Randy and Ethan, Mitch and Sam, and even Steve and Chenco, our two loverboys find that communication is key, and that political grandeur is overrated.

I adored this little book, primarily because it allowed me to reminisce about and catch up with the guys from Special Delivery, and reminded me why I loved that series so much, but also because Walter and Kelly are present for the fuster cluck that Baz and Elijah almost become. Almost, I say, because Heidi would never have messed up their happy - she just delays it for a while.

Elijah and Baz are still battling their respective demons, and Baz' mother's idea of what their wedding should be - a spectacle to end all spectacles - is only making things worse. Elijah feels as if he doesn't belong, and Baz is hindered by his disabilities and afraid that they will eventually lead to Elijah leaving him.

Fortunately, these two aren't only stupid when it comes to navigating their relationship, but also stupid in love, and while their communication skills need a lot of help (and, by golly, do they ever need help), throughout their struggles, their love for each other shines through. It's in the way Elijah takes care of Baz when he's hurting, and in the way Baz tries whatever he can to make Elijah's life as easy as possible, even if it's at the detriment of himself.

But fear not, wise and mostly kind Randy is there to assist these two, and Steve and Chenco also have a word to say. Or five.

See, when your birth family lets you down, like Elijah's parents did, and Randy's, and Mitch's, and Sam's horrid aunt, you make your own family. You find the fierce and loyal friends who stick with you no matter what, you seek out the ones who love you for who you are, and they become your chosen family. The ones you know you can trust and rely on, the ones who'll have your back.

And you forge your own path with those people. With your family.

And oh my gosh, the ending. It couldn't have been more perfect and more fitting for these two, and I might even have sniffled a time or five.

Beautifully written, exquisitely plotted, full of emotions, laughter, and tears, this was a perfect tribute to all those imaginary people I've come to love and adore.

And while Sam and Mitch are still my favorite Heidi Cullinan couple, Baz and Elijah trail a very close second.

Fabulous, just fabulous. Even if Randy steals the show, as usual. But then, how can you not love Randy? Ethan agrees. So does Sam. As well as Mitch.

Get your own copy as soon as you possibly can - you won't regret it.

** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. **