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ARC Review: The Trouble With Mirrors by Bailey Bradford

The Trouble with Mirrors (The Vamp for Me Book 5) - Bailey Bradford

I just love this series!!

In this latest installment, we get to see the romance between Paolo, a very sexy vamp from Claude's coven, and Dakota, who's only recently come to town, and whose half-brother is one of the Slayers, the group of horrid dirtbags wanting to kill all the vampires.

Paolo is sent by Claude to gather intel, and Dakota is a bit lost and doesn't want to join the Slayers, except it seems his not-so-nice brother is trying to force him to.

This book had a lot more on-screen action while the vamps fight the Slayers, but it also had some super hot vamp-on-human sexing, and lots of snark and sarcasm, like I've come to expect from this author.

Sure, it's not super deep, but I don't expect it to be. I read this series for exactly what it promises - snarky, vampy fun, sexy romps between vamps and humans, and a bit of action for good measure. Bailey Bradford gives all her characters some specific characteristics, and the OMG, you're my mate compulsion for the vamps just makes this even more fun.

I liked Paolo, because he was fun and kind but also deadly when needed, and I really liked Dakota. He was a good guy trapped in a bad situation made worse, but didn't know how to get out. He stood up to his brother eventually, and I was glad that Paolo took him under his wing (bat joke, haha) to get him away from the Slayers. Their love connection was believable, even if Paolo is much older than the still somewhat slightly naive Dakota, who only wants to belong, who wants a family.

Well, he finds that with Paolo and Claude's coven. Well done, Ms. Bradford!

I can see at least two more books in this series' future, because we must find out about Kellan and Jude, right? And also, Erin, Andrew's brother from book 2, gets his own book. I'll be starting that one shortly!!

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **