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ARC Review: The Duke In Hiding by Mj O'Shea

The Duke In Hiding - MJ O'Shea

I'm really liking all these Dreamspun Desires books!

In this book, we're meeting Heath(cliff) Blackwood, an English Duke, who's hiding in the small town of Maplehurst, NH, because of receiving some credible death threats at his estate which prompted him to jump onto the next plane across the ocean and taking cover, while the folks in his employ try to figure out who's behind the plot.

Bored out of his mind in small town New England, Heath happens to be in a pub where Theo Brady works part-time as a bartender, when he's not working his full-time business as the gardener for almost everyone in town. Theo is from Maplehurst and is immediately intrigued by the gorgeous, hunky man who's full of disdain and snark. Of course, Theo gives back as good as he gets, which in turn intrigues Heath into taking a second, and then third look, at the bartender.

I was giggling at their banter from the start - well done that.

Theo, despite his ability to trade snark and sarcastic comments with Heath, is still a small town boy. Never been in a relationship, even though everyone in Maplehurst knows he's gay - there just aren't any other gay men around.

There's a strong attraction between the two, and as they fall into a relationship, with Theo aware that it will come to an end when Heath ultimately goes home to England.

And Theo senses that there's something that Heath isn't telling him, that he's keeping a secret.

I quite liked this, even if I didn't like Heath for most of the book. In fact, I didn't really like him until his grand gesture at the very end. My main reason is how he treats Theo, and his behavior didn't endear him to me.

I did like Theo, who gave so much of himself to everyone around him, and who got such a shitty deal in return.

Of course, this being a Dreamspun Desires romance, we do get our HEA in the end, and we do see Heath grovel, like he should.

A nice, entertaining addition to this series!

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **