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ARC Review: Book, Line, and Sinker by LJ LaBarthe

Book, Line, and Sinker - L.J. LaBarthe

This was... nice, for lack of a better word. I liked the characters, I liked the plot, I especially liked the idea of a mobile library in the Australian Outback, and I liked Ash's family. I liked the whole book.

It's light, it's sweet. The romance develops believably. The book just never delved deeply enough for me into the issues it tried to raise. The PTSD was handled almost superficially. While it affected Ash, and we got to see how quite nicely, his therapy was glossed over. The homophobia Ash and Jaxon encounter was also handled a bit too easily for my taste, especially considering the real life stories that seem to come from that country with an almost daily occurrence, people getting bashed and beaten up simply for whom they love. Just today I read a news story about a gay man in Sydney, who left a party to go home, and got beat up because he wore a dress.

I loved the vivid descriptions of the Outback though, telling me about the vast distances the two men travel, the gorgeous landscape - the author did a great job making me feel as if I were right there with Ash and Jaxon.

It's a nice book, one I'm sure others would enjoy as much as I did, if not more. It's a feel-good story to be enjoyed on a nice summer's day at the beach. Nice.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **