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ARC Review: Patience (Forbes Mates #2) by Grace R. Duncan

Patience - Grace R. Duncan
If you've read the first book in this series, you'll surely remember Jamie Ryan - he who befriended Finley when Tanner couldn't pull his head out of his ass, and was sort of vying to take Tanner's spot in Finley's heart, even though they weren't destined mates.

So, after Tanner and Finley got their HEA, Jamie feels kind of left in the dust and doesn't believe he will ever find his mate.

While in doggie form, and coincidentally trying to run from Animal Control, Jamie happens across Chad Sutton, ex-detective who's now a private investigator. His mate. Tongue lolling, he runs up to Chad and tries to convince his human to save him. Chad's no dummy - while he doesn't know that the dog he names Murray is not quite canine, he senses something and pretends the dog belongs to him.

I really liked how the author created their immediate connection, giving us a great visual of the human Chad interacting with this very smart dog Murray aka Jamie, who seems to understand every word he says. I giggled a lot during this part, especially at Jamie's thoughts.

And Chad has no idea that the smart doggie is actually a man - well, until he finds him naked and peeing one morning in the bathroom.

That scene was just precious.

Their relationship seemed strong from the start, and since Chad is trying to find a man who doesn't want to be found, and Jamie is studying Criminal Justice, the two team up as dog and master as Chad pursues all leads, all the while having wild monkey sex, because mates. Also, knotting. Which requires some explanations from Jamie, of course, but Chad doesn't seem to be fazed by anything he finds out about the dog that wasn't.

There are two actual plots that merge/converge - the plot line about finding Chad's assigned target, and the plot line about Jamie being afraid to deliver the mating bite to a human, because nobody in their pack history has done so, and there's nothing in the archives anywhere in the country that will tell them if Jamie has a chance to succeed.

So, the two embarge on a trip to Italy, where the wolves' most ancient pack lives, to find out more.

I really enjoyed this book very much - from the instalust to instalove, bc we're talking mates here, the knotting, their easy banter, Jamie ribbing Chad about his strong affection for all things 80s, the trip to Italy, finding out that the grand Poobah wolf in the USA isn't as honest as expected (and I sure hope that'll be addressed in a future book), the actual mating (because HEA, y'all), and even the setup for the next book in the series - it was all very well done, and kept me interested from start to finish.

I don't recommend reading this book by itself. With as much screen time as Jamie gets in the first one, it would be better to start there. And you're in luck since both books are now available - read them one after the other for full impact.

Absolutely worth your time. Hot, sexy, fluffy shifter romances are so much fun, right?

** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. **