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ARC Review: Einstein's Peep Show by Josephine Myles

Einstein's Peep Show - Josephine Myles

Take one emotionally and socially slightly stunted, slightly nerdy young man who's running an internet solo sex show to pay for this university education, studying maths. Relatively fresh out of a relationship with an abusive jerk, Nathan is quite happy being single, studying and attending classes during the day and putting on a show for cash at night. He doesn't have friends and doesn't go out, content to be on his own.

But then his highest-tipping online client wants him to perform on camera with someone else, and what better candidate than Nathan's neighbor Rory, who lives also by himself across the corridor.

Rory is about as opposite from Nathan as he can be - happy-go-lucky, partying when he can, working a job he likes okay as a warehouse shift manager, and not much aspiration to move up in the world. He reminded me of a big teddy bear with a huge, kind heart, and while he's described as super hot (by Nathan), he doesn't give the impression that he's all about looks.

Considering how short this book is, it surely packs a punch. As Nathan and Rory fumble their way through their first performance, and then additional ones, Rory starts to develop tender feelings for his neighbor that far surpass the neighborly relationship and move into romance. See, Rory is a cuddler. He doesn't mind getting off for show, but he isn't happy with having to go home right after the show is done.

And poor Nathan, full of self-doubt and unable to read between the lines, takes everything so very literal, to the point that Rory has to patiently explain himself. Repeatedly.

All of this is told in such fabulous Britspeak, and it warmed my cynical heart. I adore Jo's happy little stories. She picked a fantastic plotline for this one, something I haven't read before, and made it completely her own, in her own special way.

It's chockful of hilariously awkward situations (see Nathan and Rory talk about "knobs"), emotions, humor, and some snark, and sexy times full of giggles. But there's also a bit of heartache, and anger (on my side), when we find out how badly Nathan's been hurt before, and yet perseveres in going his own way.

A quick and fun read, perfect to devour during your lunch hour, I'd recommend this to anyone who loves a sweet M/M romance.

Fantastic, Jo. I can't wait to read more of yours.

** I received a free copy of this book from the author's publicist. A positive review was not promised in return. **