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Book Review: Locked Out by Josephine Myles

Locked Out - Josephine Myles
This is a very British book. The author writes in her native language, and it's not American English. Which is awesome, if you're like me. Because I love that kind of thing.

The tone of the novel is also very British - understated in some parts, putting its characters in some awkward situations in others, and unapologetic for its use of strong British language in all.

But toe-sucking, OMG. I don't get that. I myself am super ticklish, and cannot for the life of me imagine wanting anyone to suck my toes, nor would I want to put my mouth on anyone else's. Maybe blow raspberries on my kids' toes when they were babies, but popping those things into my mouth to suck on - just... no. No. NOPE. And keep my husband's feet far from my face, thanks.

Far be it from me to yuck your yum, though, if that's your thing. Suck 'em all you want, okay?

Slightly nerdy and bookish teacher Martin is spending Valentine's Day weekend with his sister, of all people, in a charming little Lover's Hotel because his sister's cheating ex was supposed to be there with her, but since ex cheated, it falls to Martin to cheer her up and accompany her, while bemoaning his single status and his lack of prospects to enhance his dismal love life. Surely no man will want him, the bookish, nerdy, too boring Elementary school teacher, especially not the hot guy in the tight Speedos who's parting the waters of the hotel pool with his muscular arms and thighs, and has Martin drooling secretly over his package, showcased so nicely by said Speedos. But one-night stands aren't really Martin's thing, and he knows he's more safely off just watching hot guy from afar.

After getting pedicures and looking perhaps too deeply into their cups, Michelle (the sister) and Martin are fast asleep in their room, when nature calls Martin to use the facilities. And since he's still a bit drunk on the bubbly and sleep, and for some reason stark naked (starkers, as Jo calls it), he confuses the bathroom door with the main door to the room and finds himself suddenly in the light of the hotel's hallway and the room door firmly shut. Whoops.

Bugger, bollocks, what's a guy to do? While pondering his predicament, padding down the hallway in search of the janitor's closet, hot Speedo guy comes around the corner, and after some giggles, rescues Martin from his nakedness by offering him some clothes to get himself down to registration for a new key card.

And then Martin... well, you read it and find out.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very British book, and I loved that. It's also too damn short, but it did what it tried to do just fine - showcase how Martin and Rod meet (something they'll not want to tell their grandkids, maybe), and allows them to make a connection and a real relationship out of a one-night stand.

Perfect for a lunch hour read, with hot sexy guy and nerdy sexy guy getting it on, and awkwardness galore, and giggles throughout. You should definitely read it!

** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. **