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ARC Review: The Boys Of Banana Court: Mitch And Austin by Alex Carreras

The Boys Of Banana Court:  Mitch And Austin - Alex Carreras

Young, gay college students living it up on Florida's west coast, while working part-time and having all the fun. A little too much naughty times, self-inflicted and/or coupled, for how short this book is.

Young and hot Mitch Montgomery has just moved into an apartment with his best friend Josh and landed a job at the most fabulous gay gym around, while also attending community college part-time. He's still nursing some disappointment after blowing out his knee during a football game which ruined his chances at playing college ball.

Right across the hall is Austin Grey, also young and hot, who is still hung up on his fat past.

Since this is a small world, Austin used to be in the same high school as Mitch and Josh, but didn't look the way he does now, which explains why neither Mitch nor Josh initially recognize him.

Mitch just sees a hot piece of ass and wants to get his hands on that.

Austin still sees his former fat self whenever he looks in the mirror.

There's a bit too much drama in this novella for my taste, especially since it raises some big conflicts - Mitch's divorced parents and his almost non-existent relationship with dear old dad, Austin's hang-ups with his self-image and the trouble with his mother, plus his reaction once Mitch realizes who he is - but doesn't delve deeply enough into the issues it tries to cover.

Kudos to Mitch though for taking his head out of his ass and fixing what he and Josh broke.

Therefore, this isn't a bad way to spend your lunch hour (bring a towel), but it's also not anything to be taken seriously. This appears to be a series, as this is billed as book 1. I may have to check out the next one when available.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **