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ARC Review: Don't Drink The Holy Water by Bailey Bradford

Don't Drink the Holy Water - Bailey Bradford

Book 4 in this series, which I adore, takes off right where book 3 left off - with West turning into a vampire after Claude bites him and gives him his blood.

West wakes up a bloodsucker and isn't too pleased about it. As newly made vampires also tend to sort of fall in love with their maker, and West has a bunch of siblings to take care of, Claude decides that it's best for West (and for Claude's peace of mind) to send West and the kids off to live with another coven.

Except before they leave, Claude takes West out into the desert, where West stumbles upon Alex, lost and confused, and falls. Hard.

But they move before he can figure out what's happening, and he and the kids start to acclimate in the new coven, when West runs across Alex again.

From there, this story unfolds as a sweet romance between a vampire and his human. Out of the 4 books published so far (where's the next one, Bailey?), this is probably the sweetest and most romantic. See, West tries to woo Alex, tries to do right by him, tries to be the man he wishes he had met when he was still human, and of course, there are the kids to consider, who also have to approve of West's beloved.

Alex helps West work his way through the shame and guilt - West blames himself for being stupid and getting himself into this bloodsucking predicament. These two men really worked as a couple - they are neither perfect, but perfect for each other nonetheless. Alex deals well with the vampire and kids thing, not perturbed at all that his boyfriend drinks blood, and while having kids may not have been on his radar quite so soon, he jumps in with both feet anyway. I loved them both, and I was super happy that they got their happy ending.

As I said, I adore this series. There wasn't as much irreverence and snark in this book because West isn't that kind of guy, but we got to visit a bit with the members of Claude's coven, and it's all good.

I need more of this series, though. Soon, I hope!

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **