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ARC Review: Borrowing Trouble by Kade Boehme

Borrowing Trouble - Kade Boehme

Landon is in his late twenties, working for his dad's company as a truck driver/office manager. He'd hoped to be a teacher, and went to college for that, but then his dad needed help, and so he helped. He's gay, but not out, and keeps to himself, what with living in a small town in the South where everyone knows everyone, and everyone wants to know your business.

Then Daddy tells Landon that he's hired a new guy to take over the office duties, and Landon's all happy about that, until he finds out that the new guy is Jay, his one-time babysitter's BF, who's now divorced but straight, and whom Landon crushed on as his teenage self.

But the guy is straight, so Landon knows there's nothing gonna happen, which probably leads to quite a few times of self-abuse (off-page), but the two men do become sort of friends who hang out.

And then things start happening, with Jay finding himself thinking more and more of Landon, and then thinking that maybe he isn't as straight as he thought, and doing some self-searching.

What I really liked about this book is that the characters are actually dealing with their shit, instead of sticking their heads in the sand and hoping it'll go away. Jay especially seeks professional help and doesn't start avoiding Landon, as he figures out what's happening to him.

Their relationship efforts are complicated by Jay's ex-wife and mother of his two kids. As it happens so often in small southern towns, Jay got married when he knocked up his GF at a young age, and the marriage goes to shit when they actually grow up. At least they're still friendly and supportive of each other. Except for when Jay and Landon are found out, and the ex-wife has a small hissy fit (not that I blamed her), but Jay stays the course he's on.

All too often, romance books will employ the "big drama" and the "I must leave you for your own good" and the "I just can't deal" BS, and I was glad to see that didn't happen here. Landon was respectful of Jay's confusion and never pushed, and Jay was trying to find his true self, without kicking Landon out of his life in fear. They actually had conversation, OMG, real, mature, adult conversations, and it helped their relationship prosper.

Well done, Kade.

As for the sexy times, they surely furthered the plotline, and there's one scene with a BJ that was as dirty as it was emotional.

I really, really liked this book a lot! Give it a try, for sure!




** I received a free copy of this book from its author. A positive review was not promised in return. **