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ARC Review: Sunshine Is Overrated by Bailey Bradford

Sunshine is Overrated - Bailey Bradford

Book three in this series finally sheds some light on the relationship between Abernathy, and his mated vampire Zebulon, and Claude, the vamp coven leader.


In both previous books, there were undertones of longing between Claude and Abbie, but since Abbie is bonded to Zebulon, neither man acts on these desires, and Abbie continues to experience abuse and neglect at Zebulon's hands.


Augustin is in this one too, as are the female mated pair, and we see further into the relationships between humans and vampires in this coven.


Claude, in addition to wanting Abbie, is also deathly afraid of turning to dust, something he saw happen to his Sire. This fear almost cripples him, to the point where it becomes a weakness. And coven leaders mustn't be seen as weak.


He also prefers to "catch" during his bedroom romps - again, he sees that as a weakness, and, repeat after me, coven leaders mustn't be seen as weak.


There's history there with Zebulon, Abernathy, and Claude, and in this book, that history finally comes out.


I really like this series. It's different, it's often snarky (especially when Augustin is in the room), and the author did a fine job with the mythology, including that the vamps can turn into bats.


The plot flows nicely, and each book could theoretically be read as a standalone, but why would you? Why would you deny yourself the snark that is Augustin, and how he has his vampire Tony wrapped around his little human finger? Why would you deny yourself Radney in kilts, and his human mate Andrew?




The writing is full of snarky sarcasm and little zingers, but also tender and sweet when the situation calls for it, and holy hot boysecks, Batman, when the vamp and his human hit the sheets.


I've already got book 4 locked and loaded on my Nook. I can hardly wait!


** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **