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ARC Review: A Place To Belong by Hurri Cosmo

A Place To Belong - Hurri Cosmo

I hate having to write reviews when I didn't like a book.

I didn't like this book. Even though the writing is basically fine, the plot and the characterizations just didn't work for me. Cliche after cliche, and trope after trope, and it didn't make for very good reading.

Billionaire grandson (Bradley) hires down on his luck RN (Logan) to look after his grandmother while grandson leaves town a lot for work. There's not much backstory on Logan other than what we're told, and we don't get to experience anything from his previous life in Iowa.

RN Logan has little self-esteem, and while utterly in love with Bradley, has no doubts that the other man is not interested in him at all. He loves he old lady, but has no illusion about needing to find another job when she passes away. Also, he's 33 and still a virgin. Uh-huh. Right.

Then grandma dies, of course. Family descends on the house like vultures, especially one (Bradley's no-good brother Clayton), and Logan almost wilts under the pressure of keeping everything running while Bradley for some reason hasn't made it home yet.

I only remember Clayton's name because he stood out as a caricature villain. There are lots of other people, and we're told their names and how they're related, but it's like a list of folks, and it didn't stay with me. They're all forgettable and not really important, it seemed.

There's a couple of people that also work in the house, a cook and a gardener and somebody else whose name I forgot, who are on Logan's side and try to help him.

The plot point with Clayton and the wild accusations, and the stealing from grandma was just too far out there. Not saying that this doesn't happen, but it all seemed like unnecessary drama, none of which would have happened if Bradley had just gotten his ass home when he was supposed to, instead of simply relying on Logan to handle it all. Jerk.

So yeah, this was not my cuppa. YMMV.


** I received a free copy of this book via IndiGo Marketing and Design. A positive review was not promised in return. **