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ARC Review: Don't Stake My Life On it by Bailey Bradford

Don’t Stake My Life on It - Bailey Bradford

This was a fun 2nd installment to what seems to be shaping up to be a nice series about vamps and their human mates.

We met Radney in the first book (he, who scared the crap out of Augustin), and in this book, we learn a bit more about why he's so grumpy and feels so out of place.

You see, Radney's early years as a vampire were not much fun for him. And when I say "not much fun", I actually mean quite horrific. His Sire was a cruel bastard, and Radney's memories of that time, his traumatic experiences, have turned him into someone who refuses to bite a human ever again. Since he still needs blood, he sucks on donation bags instead.

But then he stumbles across Andrew's profile on the Vampire dating site his coven has, and is struck dumb.

Might this be his mate?

What better way to go straight to the guy's house and plead car trouble? Not stalkerish at all, right?


Well, seems Andrew has to only take one peek through his door at Radney wearing a kilt (oh, yummy) and suddenly wants to be all over the hot man on his doorstep.

I really liked this. It's campy, sure, but there's plenty of snark (which I love), and a side plot with vampire hunters, that will hopefully get expanded. Lots of sexy times between vamp and human too, but even though they were super explicit and hot, they were also really emotional, as it is clear that for Radney and Andrew both, there's more to it than just sex. Radney especially learns how good sex can be with the right person and when love/emotions are involved.

And yeah, there's some form of insta-love because mating bond, but neither loses the ability to make decisions for themselves, and Andrew is very clear about wanting to finish college before joining the coven household.

Nicely done. I'm looking forward to the next installments. Also, I'd like to see how Claude and Abernathy will fare with that mutual attraction that neither wants to act on.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **