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Love Is An Open Road: Divine Intervention by JC Wallace

Divine Intervention - J.C. Wallace

This was a free read from the M/M Romance group's Love Is An Open Road event.

JC Wallace sure can write the angst. This story has it in droves.

After a terrible car accident, Paul is scarred inside and out. Kept under the thumb of his assholish father for most of his life, conditioned to win at all cost, believing that asking for help is weakness, Paul has pushed away everyone but his younger sister Wendy by the time we meet him.

He is dealing with episodes of PTSD, and he feels that he cannot let his broken body win.

Jacob is a physical therapist and EMT, hired by Wendy to help Paul become stronger. And he won't be pushed away. There's history between the two from back in highschool, and we see how Paul slowly begins to open up.

I adored Wendy and Jacob both. They clearly loved Paul, and did everything they could to help him. Paul's overbearing, cold-hearted and just plain awful father still has a strong hold on him, but with Wendy's and Jacob's help, Paul finds the courage he needs to break the cycle.

I liked this quite a bit, and while I wanted to smack Paul over the head a few times, it was clear that he was growing throughout this book, two steps forward, one step back.

At the end, I felt hopeful that Paul could be the man Jacob deserved.

The writing is heavy on angst, showing Paul's inner thoughts, and it fit with the overall theme of this novel. Paul and Jacob's relationship grows in droves, even if I felt that Jacob on occasion was a bit too forgiving. He sure didn't let Paul walk all over him, and gave back almost as good as he got.


My thanks to the author for participating in the event. I enjoyed this book.