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ARC Review: Healed Hearts by Logan Meredith

Healed Hearts - Logan Meredith

There was lots of good stuff in this book, from sweet scenes to holy hot boysecks, Batman, but I hated Seth's portrayal, and that (St.) Jude kept forgiving this neurotic mess time and again.

The writing is good, and the author created a story that flows quite nicely, if one ignores the massive amount of dramatic scenes and happenings that take place in this book. It's just one. thing. after. the. others, and the reader (me) is left scratching her head how so much stuff could possibly happen to one couple.

Also, Seth is neurotic to the extreme. Yeah, yeah, I understood WHY he did what he did, and why he ran away from the wonderfully patient Jude time and again, but good grief, he needed help. Badly.

I like Jude, and I liked that he didn't just continuously give in to Seth's neuroses, even though he endured quite a bit. He did have a breaking point, and that made me like him even more.

Some of the angst and drama in this book seemed to much for me, and some of it felt drawn out, instead of being addressed head-on.

Still, a nice read, especially for a debut author. I'd like to read more from Logan Meredith.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **